Center of the Strip – Vegas Ink

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Tatoo shop
Space Details
Space Coordinates KEY: 3610900:-11517240
Address For SU Map:
United States
Space Description:

The most visited point on the Strip of Las Vegas.

The SPACE is on the Tatoo shop "Vegas Ink" and the shopping plaza has one of the biggest digital billboards around!

Actually on and a part of the strip!

Real Land Traffic:
  • High Foot Traffic
  • High Vehicle Traffic
AR Development: Naked Estate.
AR Ads Target Audience:
  • Tourists
  • Locals
Spaces from the main view center: 0
Area Details
Space Area Rate (ETH): 7.69 ETH
Yearly land visitors (Millions): 41.00
The land known as:
  • International Brand
Internet Connection on land:
  • 4G
Area Median Income:
  • High Income area
Contact Information
Telegram account: @Airdrop_Academy

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