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Lummus Park, Miami Beach

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Lummos park miami beach
Space Details
Space Coordinates KEY: 2578100:-8012990 , 2578300:-8012935 , 2578700:-8012770
Address For SU Map:
Lummus Park, Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL, USA, United States
Space Description:

3 SPACES in the same area, 2 on the park and one on the beach with coordinates:

2578100:-8012990 , 2578300:-8012935 , 2578700:-8012770

Lummus Park Boardwalk go straight to this SPACE and the main Miami beach and Lummus Park Boardwalk are meeting in this corner.

Also, there are 2 entrances and exits to the beach.

This SPACE is in a strategic place that many are traveling within it or sitting on the grass there.

Real Land Traffic:
  • High Foot Traffic
AR Development: Naked Estate.
AR Ads Target Audience:
  • Tourists
  • Locals
  • Residents
  • Youth
Spaces from the main view center: 0
Area Details
Wikipedia Information:

Lummus Park is a 74-acre (30 ha) public, urban park in Miami Beach (Miami-Dade, Florida), on the Atlantic Ocean.
In both daytime and at nightfall, the South Beach section of Miami Beach is a major entertainment destination with hundreds of nightclubs, restaurants, boutiques and hotels.

Space Area Rate (ETH): 1.92 ETH
Yearly land visitors (Millions): 5.00
The land known as:
  • State Brand
  • Local Brand
Internet Connection on land:
  • 4G
  • Good Signal
Area Median Income:
  • High Income area
Contact Information
Telegram account: @Airdrop_Academy

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