Guys, we got some answers for April Q&A session, the answers displayed below and we are keeping adding them as they come.

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    We appreciate this option to ask the team anything, that’s the essence op openness and decentralized platform, THANK YOU TEAM for giving your community this option. So the first question is can we do these questions to the team every month?


    We totally understand that some of the information needs to keep in secret from the competition aspect, please answer whatever you can this time. We appreciate your hard work, dedication and time spent in this project.

    For the people who asked these smart questions, we appreciate the time and efforts you spent thinking and sending us your questions, that shows you care about this project, on behalf of all the knights and the council, we thank you all!

    The questions are shown in the order that they have received and the answers will be presented on this page as soon as we get them from the Spheroid Universe team. We would like to thank Kostya for his enabling and pushing this Q&A session for all of us and thank the SU team for their efforts and answers.

    The @ symbol is representing the user name on Telegram of the one that asked the question.

    We hope that the questions and answers will give you a better understanding of how SU operates, what should we expect in the future and much more…

    Andrey Almiashev, Founder and CEO of Spheroid Universe, began sending his his answers to the community-generated questions – April Questions with answers:

    Question: Hi, we would like to have an updated roadmap.

    Answer: Updated roadmap will be presented in May

    From: @jmvalcurza1 

    5. Can we interact with 3D objects in the app using only our smartphones by tapping the objects on the screen? without using dedicated sensors just like what helmets or AR glasses have?

    Answer :Yes.

    6. Is placing an object remotely will be possible in the app? For example, if I am here in the Philippines and I want to place a 3D object in my space in Hongkong, Is that possible or we really have to be in that location?

    Answer : Yes, remote object placement is on the way, will be released this summer.

    Question From Airdrop.Academy

    Would the SPACE owner will enjoy from the profit from the VR version of Spheroid.Earth if there will be some?

    Answer : Yes, they will.

    What will the landowner get as a reward if there is an advertisement in my land? Sph? Coin?

    Answer : Depends on the adversing offer and its terms: ETH, SPH, BTC… it could be any

    Will and marketplace be accessible from App in the future?

    Answer : Yes

    Why did SU use ARcore for their app? ARcore is still very young, can’t SU use other SDK?

    Answer : Arcore is native for android, most probably will become the main ar framework in aos, will provide the best user experience, best functionality, so it’s easy choice.

    other sdk – yes, lite version of the app as a temporary method to keep installed base high

    2. I know it’s basically not your fault due to the platform used (ARCore) but I would like to know if you’ve got any intentions of using an alternative to make it available to lower versions phones or you’ll continue to stick to ARCore & miss out to the rest of the audience I personally assume far outnumber those who have to the app?

    Answer : There will be version of the app for lower version of the phones but the real question is not about Arcore / Vuforia / other SDK. Lower version of phones are usually not powerful enough to provide rich AR experience, sensors missing or it’s quality low.

    Good news – since technologies are developing rapidly that problem will disappear soon. Most of the new AOS devices will not face this issue.


    1. How will SU integrate its app to available AR headsets in the market? or do we have to install it manually just like how we install apps in our smartphones? 

    Answer: That depends on the vendor. We believe most of them will work under Android. We will support IOS, Android and other popular Os. We do not know yet how exactly that will be installed (nobody knows now), but it will work just any other App that runs on the AR device.

    2. Is there a possibility that SU will receive an offer from big companies like Apple, Google or even Facebook to buy the platform or partnership with SU?
    Answer: A partnership is the right thing to do. Selling is not an option.
    We need Android SU App downloads by members of SU community. We have only a few thousands of downloads compared to lakhs of members. Could we request SU team take note of this and measures to increase the number of SU App downloads?Thanks!!
    Answer: We will make the app linked to the marketplace accounts soon, that will give profit to those users who did it. Coin quest in the app – we will launch it soon. Users will be able to hunt for the coins and earn SPH.
    On another hand we have a mind blowing game concept, that will boost downloads, you will find the idea soon.

    April Questions that not yet answered :

    From: @jmvalcurza1 

    3. Base on your realistic projection, as far as how much can 1 SU space will be worth in the future if the app and project will hit its plans and goals.
    4. Does SU have a plan to manufacture its own AR devices?


    We need aggressive marketing through social media like youtube. Maybe we could take help of YouTubers countrywide that have lakhs of subscribers and promote SU internationally. Social media marketing has much impact.

    1. Where is the Spheroid Universe headquarters located?
    2. If someone asks about the legality of the AR spaces in our country how can we explain it to them.

    Quand va t on pouvoir commencer à générer des gains autre que SPH via la Location des Espaces, et sans avoir besoin d un programmeur?

    GOOGLE TRANSLATE – When will we be able to start generating non-SPH gains via Space Leasing, and without the need for a programmer?

    Sir, once SPH is deployed on ERC 20, there is every chance SPH price could depreciate in price as many airdroppers would dispose of their SPH for cash. May I know what measures SU has taken to prevent this possible depreciation in SPH once SPH deployed on ERC 20. Maybe SU could keep SPH price $1 each to prevent a possible crash in SPH value.
    Thanks for your consideration.

    SU is supposed to be an AR network & as such, more audience/users is a must for its success. My questions are as follows;
    1. Why do create an app (Android) that is accessible to only an individual?
    2. Answered
    3. When should we expect an updated roadmap?
    4. When are you going to auction the spaces you reserved in the stadia for the SU Arena program?
    5. Do you have any new partnership in the pipeline?
    6. When will the next update of the marketplace to allow the sale of spaces for other Cryptos other ETH be come off?
    7. What marketing plans do you have in place to get the app mass adopted?
    I think that’s all for now, thank you.

    We will have to create a lite application to finally integrate this into telegram’s Mail application so that we can take advantage of the 200 million users per month. Quite simply SU negotiates with telegram. The idea is to get a big community like telegram to use the app that’s directly advertising. The SU lite application should not include all the functions of the main application this would mean that a download link will be required to push the user to use the main application and its functions. A brief telegram has integrated YouTube for watching videos it is the same way that SU should make to boost the community. As these are two Russian companies, they will certainly understand each other.

    1. When do you plan on listing spaces on secondary markets like Opensea?
    2. When are you going to activate the buying of Orange spaces with SPHs only?
    3. Do you have any plan on listing on NFTs monitoring sites like and if yes, when?


    Does SU has a special politics for space acquisition corresponding to native indigenous people territories? This is an important issue…


    1. What’s an updated timeline for when space owners will be able to upload content to their spaces?
    2. Does SU plan on implementing any social network features to the SU platform?


    When will rent option for space be available in the marketplace?

    When can i place my own 3D objects into my spaces?

    What are the next steps in May and June? ( update of the roadmap)?

    What are the plans for the white (not selectable yet) spaces ? When will they be available, and for which currency?


    When you created the map squares, what was the base that you started from and why?

    Is there is a cost for placing objects for the one that owns the SPACE? Any other costs for having a SPACE?


    Zoom feature on app vid. app takes control of camera/vid it should have all features of ph cam.
    Mute/talk feature while videoing.