Goal of the Knights of the Sphere:

To Promote the Spheroid Universe project!

Leaders in all major markets/countries. Capture the world’s attention. AR is the future of all marketing, SM, unlimited what one can do w/ this tech. One Massive Global Network of Knights Promoting SU 24/7 as the world never sleeps.

Multiply your power:

knights of Spheroid Universe shield

knights of Spheroid Universe shield

10 new yous
100 new yous
1000 new yous
10000 new yous
100000 new yous
1000000 new members
Seven (7) splits you got a million new members
take 1 penny, double every day for 30 days you have a million $$$.
same concept here w/ new members starting w/ you.

Become a Knight! – New knight registration:

1. Click here to Join the Knights of the Sphere Telegram chat and start earning SPH.

2. Fill in this form 

A Knight receives the bonuses from the Treasury of the Order  SPH tokens for the faithful ACTIVE service.

If the service is a valiant one, then one could become a leader or team member w/ benefits. Important! Knighthood membership is limited.

There always will be no more than 1000 knights in the Order! Guardians of the Sphere Be faithful to the Sphere! MUST BE ACTIVE IN CHATS & PROMOTING SU To receive the SPH bonus.

Who Are The Knights? Members, positions and more. Add your info.

Q&A with Spheroid Universe Team
How to Promote with Twitter
Spheroid Universe Marketplace Rules
Spheroid Universe Token
Spheroid Universe App

 KOS FORUMS -Ongoing Contests, Prizes, & Interesting discussions

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  • Increase the visibility of your SPACES with another listing on AR.ESTATE!
  • In SU marketplace it cost ETH to list your SPACE, here it is free for knights, and if someone is serious about purchasing, then list and sell it on SU marketplace.
  • Set your SPACES aside from all of the cheap spaces on SU marketplace, upload only premium SPACES.
  • We are promoting AR.Estate in many places for you!
  • Each Knight can upload up to 10 SPACES a month for free on AR.ESTATE.
Submit your SPACE
Sell Orange SPACES


  • Orange spaces can be bought from Spheroid Universe ONLY with SPH.
  • SPH Token price and exchanges.
  • SO, the only way for people that don’t have SPH, to buy Orange spaces is only thru someone that has SPH.
  • Add your name to the list if you want to sell orange spaces.
  • We will publish and promote the list to people that want to buy from us orange spaces and that way, we will “exchange” our SPH to SPACE and sell it directly to the one that asks from us to do so for ETH.

Knights Resources to share allover the web:

AR Estate – The Layer Above the Real Estate

We are here for the Knights!

For any knight request from AR.Estate, please fill this form.

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