SPH Token Exchanges to buy and sell Spheroid Universe Token.

You will need KYC in order to withdraw from the Spheroid Universe whenever it will be enabled.

Available exchanges to buy or sale SPH Spheroid token

Latoken Exchange

Uniswap Exchange 

p2pb2b.io Exchange (SOON)

Forkdelta exchange

Etherdelta exchange

  • UNISWAP Exchange is available for the pairs SPH/ETH , ETH/SPH https://uniswap.info/pair/0xdadc9459c36b345e2e2007d2d2746f44a0b3b2df
  • New announcement – AUGUST 2020 –

Dear Spheroid Universe community!

We are happy to announce that SPH token (ERC-20) has been listed on LATOKEN exchange.


You will need SPH to purchase Spheroid Universe Orange SPACES (ERC-721 Tokens), a limited number of 3D plots with precise geographic coordinates on earth’s surface which are filled with visual information. Each Space may be filled with advertising, visual imagery, reference, navigational, entertaining, and other content, grouped into layers within the Space.

LATOKEN Exchange link: https://go.latoken.com/1vx

  • New announcement- June 2020 – News on SPH listing! We are pleased to announce that an agreement has been signed on listing SPH at the
    P2PB2B cryptocurrency exchange (p2pb2b.io)Integration is a key feature of our project with the P2PB2B exchange. We intend to link
    users’ personal Spheroid Universe accounts and their accounts on the exchange to make
    the transactions with the SPH tokens and other digital assets of the platform via API more
    convenient.The close integration of ecosystems and technological capabilities of the P2PB2B exchange
    will allow Spheroid Universe to provide application developers, advertisers and users with
    convenient mechanisms for automating settlements between themselves and with Space

Click here to go to the new SPH OFFICIAL EXCHANGE

Please notice that SPH is not yet listed there but the agreement between the parties has achieved, open an account with them and we will update this page with the latest SPH exchange issues.

                     Click here for SPH-ETH trading on Etherdelta exchange

Spheroid Universe has 2 kinds of tokens. Read what is the difference between SPH to SPACE tokens here