spheroid universe app is an innovative app to see the world with additional augmented reality layers.

The app is compatible with Android and for iPhone and Apple products.

The app works with Arcore and Arkit and in the near future will work for lower-end phones that will have fewer options but the will be able to see the layers on the Spheroid Universe app.

List of Android devices that are compatible now is here.

In the future, Spheroid Universe app will work on many more augmented reality headsets, glasses and we hope, in the more far future, with contact lenses 😎

Please leave a good review for the app if you enjoyed it and if you have some improvement suggestions, please contact Spheroid Universe and let them know what they need to improve in the app since their goal is that you will enjoy the app.

Please download the Spheroid Universe app here:

Spheroid Universe Andriod App

Spheroid Universe iPhone App