Spheroid Universe Marketplace has few things that you should better know before trading.

June 3rd 2020 UPDATE – Following the public launch of the Platform, Space pricing on the primary market will be automated: Space prices will automatically increase as the number of nearby Spaces available for sale decreases.

This is an unofficial post written on August 1 st, 2019 and things can be changed or be incorrect.

  • SPACE Colors:
    Spheroid universe space colors

    Spheroid universe space colors

The colors of the SPACES are divided to 4 categories:

Orange SPACES – You can buy these SPACES ONLY with the SPH token that  is the Spheroid Universe internal token.

Blue SPACES – You can buy these SPACES only with USD via credit card.

Green SPACES – You can buy only with CRYPTOCURRENCIES – there is a list of around 300 tokens to choose from, some with a serious discount. Also, there is a weekly big discount on some of the tokens, see which ones are with a discount on the main Spheroid Universe Telegram groupThis is the list of cryptocurrencies accepted.

Grey SPACES – The rumor is that they will be auctioned in the future, right now, you cannot buy them.

  • You can reserve a SPACE for 24 hours, if you don’t buy it until the 24 hours are passed, the reservation will be expired and someone else can buy it or
    Spheroid universe space reservation

    Spheroid universe space reservation

    reserve it unless you reserve it again. Your reserved SPACES will be with a white border and other reserved SPACES will be with a dark orange border.

  • There are some SPACES that reserved for a long term by the system, mostly for the Bet Constract project, they are arenas all over the worlds.
  • Some SPACES are bought from SU directly in bulk, no matter the SPACE colors to specific groups or projects, we don’t have additional info regarding to who or what for.
  • There is a promotions in the tab that give you SPH for owning SPACES in different orders, please check these promotions and tests for you to recieve additional SPH tokens , click here for the Advertising tab on the marketplace.
  • When you are clicking a SPACE that no one has reserved, you will see its price and you will reserve it for the next 24 hours, if you will click on it again, a pop up will arear, asking if you want to cancel its reservation.
  • After you are choosing a SPACE and want to buy it, you can check or uncheck the SPACES that you want to buy from the reserved SPACES tab – the orange square in the SPACE key column. You can uncheck all (Next to the words SPACE key) or uncheck some next to the SPACE.
  • After deciding which are the SPACES that you want, choose the right payment methode by the SPACE color,
    Purched spaces on Spheroid Universe

    Purchased spaces on Spheroid Universe

    group them on one order and continue to purchase. if it is a green space, choose the right coin that you want to pay with. If it is an orange SPACE, choose to pay from your website balance or from and outside wallet.

  • Payment combinations are not allowed in the system, no partial payments, no mixing with coins and not mixing with different SPACES colors.
  • After payment, you will get an email from Spheroid Universe with the exact coordinates of youe asset, Space ID and a comferition for purchaes, like a reciept.
  • Not that you own this SPACE, you can move it to your wallet since it is an ERC-721 token.

A video that explain how to buy SPACES