the Spheroid Universe ecosystem has two tokens for now:

SPH Token, Spheroid token – An ERC-20 token 

From the White Paper – Spheroid tokens (SPH):

Spheroid tokens (SPH) are Ethereum blockchain-based ERC20-standard tokens issued by the
Spheroid Universe in the amount of 10,000,000,000 SPH.
• SPH was issued by and is used for the purposes of developing the Spheroid Universe.
SPH tokens are not intended for public sale during the ICO.
• SPH is accepted without limitations at the Spheroid Universe primary market Marketplace
to be exchanged for any Spaces available for sale for cryptocurrency.
• Exchange of SPH for Spaces is conducted at a floating rate, with 10 SPH equal to at least 1
• SPH token owners may use SPH tokens beyond the Spheroid Universe ecosystem as they
deem fit, and as the ERC standard allows for similar tokens.

SPACE – An ERC-721 token (NFT)

The SPACE token is a non-fungible token, means that every token has specific characteristics.

The SPACE token has unique coordinates on planet earth and these coordinates give him some specific information that all together are unique to him.

Some of the SPACE characteristics are giving him their added value.

These unique characteristics that we follow on this website are:

  • AR Development: if there are any assets that are visible or operating in this space or not.
  • Space Area Rate (ETH) – Spheroid Universe gives every SPACE a price to start with depending on a few parameters (See the WP section) in the Spheroid Universe primary marketplace (Read buying and selling in the marketplace rules here). After one is buying it, he can sell it in whatever price he chooses too. The secondary SPACE sell will be in ETHERIUM in the beginning and tokens will be added later on.
  • Yearly land visitors (Millions): How many people are actually visiting in the real estate in one year – Shows the potential of the SPACE.
  • The land is known as: Tell us if the real estate area is known or unknown and how it is known as.
  • Internet Connection on land: Spheroid Universe uses an app that needs a good internet connection to operate well, the better the internet connection, the better will be the experience of the user with the app.
  • Area Median Income: As a higher income in a specific area, the people can spend more on the app and in a higher price.

From The SU White Paper regarding SPACE Token:

AR Space sales

The property rights to digital real estate of the Spheroid Universe are recorded in the distributed public
ledger (blockchain). The Ethereum blockchain is currently used.
The primary Space marketplace has been
operational since Q4 2017, implementing
Space purchase mechanisms and recording
purchase data in the Ethereum public
blockchain. As of now, the set of functions
related to the registration of property rights
has been implemented from both
technological and legal viewpoints.
The most important factor in raising the
attractiveness of Spaces as assets is the possibility of selling them. The secondary Space
marketplace, which allows platform participants to resell Spaces on the open secondary market
will be launched in Q3 2018.
Legal nature of Spaces
Spaces are intellectual property created, circulating and protected on the basis of and in
accordance with the European Union laws.
As a commodity, Space is a Digital Asset.
A Space owner has the right to resell it, lease it out, give it as a gift, transfer it as inheritance, use it
as collateral, deposit it in a company’s charter capital.
Space ownership is permanent.
One person can own an unlimited number of Spaces. Both physical and juridical persons can
purchase Spaces.
Space price formation
• The initial Space price is based on the data on the economic level of regional development,
smartphone availability to the population, evaluation of market capacity and regional
development rate.
• As the Spaces are sold in certain localities and a deficit of Spaces in the primary
marketplace emerges, the price of nearby Spaces will automatically increase.
• As the platform accumulates an audience and its interactions with the Spheroid Universe
world are analyzed, the algorithm of Space price formation will begin to take into account
the economic parameters of user interactions with the platform: actual secondary
marketplace prices, demand, and sales dynamics, traffic data, forms of user interaction with
the content, efficiency of advertising formats in the territories being evaluated.

AR Spheroid SPACE Exchanges are on the Spheroid Universe marketplace and on OpenSea NFT Exchange

NEW -AERY Token on the Spheroid Universe platform –

A SPACE Holders Community Token – Yet to be released, read all about Spheroid AERY Token